Day in Rainbow June 27,2007 John Connelly Presents Astro Vivid Focus

On June 27, 2007 I was asked to participate in an art installation called “A Very Anxious Feeling” by Assume Astro Vivid Focus at John Connelly Presents. I decided to do a Day in Rainbow as sort of a mini year in rainbow. This might have been the most difficult kind of performance I’ve ever done! Here are some journal entries and pictures I through out the day.

I was in this installation that was a small version of this room.
Assume Astrovivid focus big
The Floor Plan.
Assume Astrovivid focus big floorplan
The Audience could peep through these holes, that were surrounded by wigs.
Assume Astrovivid focus big peep holes

It was one of the first REALLY hot days of the year, so it was intense getting to the gallery. We got there and there were these intense strobe lights flashing, I asked for them to turn them off, because 6 hours of flashing lights are intense.

The performance was going to be some ideas that I was work-shopping new ideas and some ideas that I had already done, but with a different costume.

I started by making a rainbow out of all the clothes I brought to wear during the day.
Day in Rainbow the rainbow line up

The First hour at noon was dedicated to the color red. So I did a new act of Scarlet Pussy* to a song called “Femme,Femme” by Sophie Daumier. As I got dressed a group of small children came too peep through the holes, I was changing and putting on make-up. I had also brought some red lip shaped cookies, so I passed that out to some children. And then I did the act for no-one.
Here is what I wrote in my note book at 12:06pm Wednesday June 27, 2007
It’s a little weird doing this with no audience, there is a video camera and some kids came at 11:50 I gave them red cookies.

From my note book at 12:19pm Wednesday June 27, 2007
No one is here still no audience, could I have done this in my room?

From my note book at 12:25pm Wednesday June 27, 2007
all dressed up like a cat gonna do a burlesque act at a Peep Show for real!

Day in Rainbow Red Scarlet Pussy
*A character I created based on and performed to “Scarlet Pussy” by Prince as Camille.

I wrote this note to Linda Simpson (Drag Queen, Cheif Editor of My Comrade Magazine, and all around wonderful Person.) She was scheduled to be in the space the day after me, I wonder if she ever got the note?
Day in Rainbow note to Linda Simpson

The hour of Red was easy, but then the children stopped coming! There was no-one there to be an audience. I could have just been at home in my room trying on costumes and taking pictures of myself. There was video taken for a few minutes each hour, I guess it’s hard to be “ON” when there is no one to turn “ON.” If a tree falls in the woods kinda thing!

Orange was an exploration of a new fan dance I’m working on done to Brazil 66′s “Fool on a Hill”, I plan to have a old man puppet and a fake hill, I come from behind the hill with orange fans wit with the same white beard as the old man. Orange as it’s been said by some is the color of insanity. So does foolishness equal insanity? You decide!

So for the hour I made these pasties and a merkin! Then I did the act, for an invisible audience!
Day in Rainbow  Orange Crafted pasties and a merkin

Yellow to me represents blonds and happiness, maybe artificial happiness? I wore what you see hanging on the hand and did a different kind of dance to “Life on Mars” wearing the yellow polyester get up. Yellow feels homey to me, maybe because my kitchen is yellow, maybe it’s just the color of the old fashion house wife?

Here is what I wrote in my note book at 2:00pm Wednesday June 27, 2007
I’m hungry but holding off for green so I can eat a salad . . .
Felt the fool on the hill at 1pm Made new orange pasties and a merkin.

2:48pm Yellow-no one has come in this WHOLE hour! I’m interviewing my mom[she was visiting me that week and helped me with the project.]
What do you think of when you think of the color yellow?
What in your past made you happy that was yellow?
“Yellow looks good on Africans[she's spent a ton of time in Africa and loves it!]
Do you ever wear yellow?
“Yes I have two yellow blouses”
What was your first yellow outfit?
I wore one when I went to China and Karen Faulkner[ex patriot friend of my moms who lives in China] gave it to me. Also Sika’s[my African sister] mom gave me yellow beads.”

3pm- GREEN
I had originally wanted to be in character as Juno(my hippie character) she’s a big pot head and I wanted her to take over for that hour, but really here’s what happened. I was so hungry and frustrated, I changed into a green outfit, put out a green table cloth on the floor and sat down ate a salad. It definitely relaxed me here’s what I wrote

3pm-Green, I’m feeling relaxed

I asked a couple on peepers what green meant to them.
Nature, Politics, Marketing, Money, Eco Friendly[this guy was from San Francisco]

Blue is my mom’s favorite color and her kitchen has always been blue and white. At home she has a *Yemayah alter in her house. She connects with this goddess for some good reasons since she’s so mothering to all and lives by the ocean!
Day in Rainbow Mom in the Hour of Blue
*Yemayah The Orisa of the Ocean and Motherhood. The Yoruba peoples of Nigeria brought her to the New World via Brazil and Cuba, where she has been venerated for centuries as Protectress during the middle passage of slavery. She is long-breasted, the goddess of fishes, and wears an insignia of alternating crystal and blue beads. The other spelling of her name is Yemoja. She has a strong, nurturant, life-giving nature, yet can be furiously destructive also. She is considered the Great Witch, the ultimate manifestation of female power. The original of this folk image is from Bahia in Brazil; it was carved from wood and dressed in blue cloth. -from this web site

By the time Purple came around, man was I nuts from having been in the room for so long! It was a beautiful room colorful, fun, and LONELY! I had planed to dance to Jimi Hendrixs “Purple Haze” but I was beat, and played the song and fed grapes to who ever came in that last hour.
Day in Rainbow Purple Grapes

Here are some more pictures I took in the space!
Day in Rainbow mirror looking 3
Me getting creative with a mirror and a light!
Day in Rainbow mirror looking
Me getting creative with a mirror and a light!
Day in Rainbow blue light source
The note to Linda.
Day in Rainbow a note to Linda Simpson

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