September 13, 2007

So far once a month in this year in rainbow I’ve injured a toe, lets hope it’s a summer thing since I’ve been wearing open toed shoes! Because there are 12 months and I only have 10 toes!

Good day today, I finalized the date with Eric for the Orange show, which is actually going to be an Oracle on October 13 called THE ORANGEACLE ORACLE! I’m just super excited about it! It’s something new and it will be in a delightful little garden called Le Petite Versailles! Imagine if you will, yards and yards of orange tulle as the vapors of the Oracle at Le Petite Versailles!

I worked and the drawer that houses the key board on my desk fell on my toe, thus blackening the nail . .. do you think it will fall off??
Rainbow September Day 43 004

Then I started on some choreography with my new fans from Amber Ray! This wins the most hilarious self portrait award, man I sure do know how to take em!
Rainbow September Day 43 008

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5 Responses to RAIBOW SEPTEMBER: DAY 44 “Rain-Toe”

  1. Man, I LOVE those fans!

  2. Darlinda says:

    Thank you! That is the brilliance that is Amber Ray!!

  3. sharyn says:

    you look like a rainbow snuffalupagus

  4. Darlinda says:

    On Rainbow Snuffalupagus, yeah TOTALLY!

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