RAINBOW SEPTEMBER: DAY 45 “They Call me Mellow Rainbow”

September 14, 2007

So I certainly feel more relaxed with a muted rainbow. Such a different feeling than my regular bright rainbow. Also people’s reactions are different. I also wore a rainbow shirt and a indigo skirt with subtle rainbow stripes, so it’s not as intense as a full rainbow get up.

I finalized some stuff for The Orangeacle Oracle and sent out the press release that felt good! I’m excited for that to happen!

Work was fun, Abby got us Sausages from the Saint Festival happening in Little Italy.

Chris loved hers!
Rainbow September Day 44 (3)

This is the basket we use to bring up product from the basement, Victor has been working so much he’s almost a product. I brought him upstairs!
Rainbow September Day 44 (1)
Rainbow September Day 44 (2)

My toe still hurts and I looked up bruised toes on line and they said that I had to get it drained! I freaked out and called my step mom, she’s a nurse and assured me that if it was so painful that I couldn’t walk or sleep that I’d be fine! And it’s perfect timing because I’m going away for the weekend . . .which means my friends I’ll be away from a computer, but worry not I’ll have not one but two blogs waiting for you on Monday!

Rainbow September Day 44 (4)

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