RAINBOW SEPTEMBER: DAY 55 “Rainbow Garden”

September 24, 2007

Today I spent a TON of time on the computer, working on a job application, writing a contract for my trip, blogging, sending out a weekly mailer.

I got a phone call from Satan’s Angel, she was here for the Maury show, she won America’s most outrageous performer, so she was in town for a bit to receive her prize. She didn’t have time to visit with everyone, but she did call to say hello from the airport, which was really sweet.

I then went to The Petite Versailles to pic up some flyers from Peter he runs the garden, and it’s beautiful! I had only looked in, and never got to see the whole garden. It’s magical and it’s going to be perfect for the The Orangeacle Oracle on October 13.

Here are some things I saw on the way to the garden.
Rainbow September Day 54 002
Yes I ate soft serve again, can’t get enough these days!

Saw this beautiful mural at a school on Essex and Stanton.
Rainbow September Day 54 001

Then I got my bike fixed, hurray! I’ve felt so “out of it” since I haven’t been riding. I met Molly Crabapple’s roommate, nice guy Richard, he was the one fixing my bike at Spokes and Strings , he is a character and super sweet.

Then I came home to rehearse my new act, ooh, I’m excited to perform it at Lotus tomorrow!
Rainbow September Day 54 004
This picture is so my life right now, notice the messy room and I’m just looking at the rainbow!

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  1. The Great Pinkie Special says:

    I was in for a treat when I flew to Minneapolis last week. We flew in the same direction of the sun as it was setting. The sunset produced the most AMAZYING RAINBOW of color for the entire 2.5 hour trip! What a delight to think of DJD the whole way. The rainbow started at the horizon in a very dark purple then to red, orange, yellow, green and ended with beautiful blue/black nighttime sky. Gravy

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