RAINBOW SEPTEMBER: DAY 59 “Rainbow Friends”

September 28, 2007

Worked today. Then rode my bike home. Got ready for the slipper room. I got to perform with some of my favorite folks! Miss Astrid, Nasty Canasta, Gigi La Femme, Jezebel Express and DJ Momo Taro. It was a quick and easy night . . .then I walked around the corner to Ruby and Micheal’s house. . .for a party!

Here are some backstage shots from the Slipper Room!

Nasty says she’s so affected by the Year in Rainbow that when she’s shopping lately she’ll look at Orange clothes and think,”I can wear that next month!” I love this lady, brilliant,funny, sexy and well her name doesn’t say it, but she’s a sweetheart!
Rainbow September Day 59 004

Gigi is also thinking about the year in rainbow . . .she did this awesome act all in blue, hot, hot, hot is this Miss La Femme. She took a picture of a rainbow stool she saw at a photo shoot! This is the picture of her holding the picture up on her cell phone!
Rainbow September Day 59 005

And here are some shots from Micheal and Ruby’s Party, I’m not able to include all of them so if you want to take a look at them check out this link to my flickr page
Ruby is the cutest thing ever! Always rocking some amazing style in full force!
Rainbow September Day 59 017
Micheal is awesome! He is in charge at an awesome Salon and is also in charge of Ruby’s hair!
Rainbow September Day 59 020

Pinkie Special, the hugest supporter of this blog! Rocks the brown and even got me to try something brown on, and I kinda liked it!
Rainbow September Day 59 012

DT rocking the cuteness and the cleavage!
Rainbow September Day 59 013

We call this the “Hot Classes Shot” Broadway Brassy and Clams Casino looking hot, hot, hot!
Rainbow September Day 59 019

Me and my lovely friend Little Brooklyn!
Rainbow September Day 59 029Rainbow September Day 59 031
Here is a link to an awesome picture of us by Ashley Macknica from a couple weeks ago on Fire Island! I really captured the moment!

And here I am on the roof with darling Jennifer!
Rainbow September Day 59 038

Then Clams looked me in the eyes, smiled and attempted to Strangle me!
Rainbow September Day 59 018

Not really . . .

because here I am minutes later smiling with Veronika Sweet!
Rainbow September Day 59 032

The Guys, Corey, Pat and Pat!
Rainbow September Day 59 034

And a small preview of what’s to come in the next ten months!
Rainbow September Day 59 036

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