September 29, 2007

Man today started out kinda rough, maybe because it’s almost the end of the rainbow month, maybe it’s because Summer is pretty much over but here is how it starts . . .

So I awake on Ruby’s couch, still in my make up from the night before, it’s 7am. I can’t sleep so I grab my bag of costumes, leave a thank you note, and head out. Mind you I’m also wearing a rainbow jump suit, my make has crept down my face, actually my whole face is swollen. I kinda feel and look like shit! I go around the corner to where my bike is parked and as I’m packing up my bike, this guy comes up to me and starts talking,”You ride your bike to work?”

I mumble,”Yes”

He stares standing way to close for 7am, and because I’m not really making conversation he asks,”are you American?”

I’m pissed at this point, I really wanted an uninterrupted walk-of-shame, not that I’m ashamed, but I do feel like shit! So I say,”Yes I”m American, and I don’t feel like talking so can you leave me alone?”

He stares.

I plead, “Go away, stop staring at me, I need some space!”

He continues to stare at me and I just ride off really pissed. I’m never awake at 7am, and it’s really a beautiful morning! I’m enjoying the sunshine and hoping no one is looking too closely at my mangled face. As I’m reaching the center of the Williamsburg Bridge, I ride past these kids and one of them yells, “She’s ugly.” Ouch!

I make it home shower and sleep till noon, and then I get dressed and go to work. On my way to work, just as I’m turning off of Broome street, some one from the car that was behind me yells, “Bitch!” Ouch number 2!

Anyway, work was great, I got these lovely little cards from Moo I haven’t had a business card in about 4 years, so it was certainly about time! I came home from work chat with my roommate Ethan, take a picture of his rainbow bike hat, he’s really into bike riding!
Rainbow September Day 60 001

Then I watched “All that Jazz” great movie (yes I’m a Fosse junkie) but sad, so I cried. I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of myself yet, so I did make up smears and all, hey man at least it’s an honest portrait!
Rainbow September Day 60 007

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