RAINBOW SEPTEMBER:DAY 61 “Rainbow Farewell”

September 30, 2007

Here it is the last day of a rainbow month! Not as theatrical as the first day of this month, but it’s still a change.

I had a lovely brunch with my roommate Sara and her friends, then I rode my bike to the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn to meet up with my Grandma and Aunt. We found the Rainbow Garden!
Rainbow September Day 61 003

Some guy walked in and saw my dress and asked me if I was the keeper of the rainbow garden, he was soo excited and asked if I wanted my picture taken infront of the rainbow garden(of course I did!)
Rainbow September Day 61 005

Then I saw a preview for tomorrow!
Rainbow September Day 61 004

I bumped into Topher! He was wearing rainbow shoes!!
Rainbow September Day 61 006

It was the Chili Pepper Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens, it was a nice surprise, I saw my buddy Liz who works there while we were watching Nelida Silva’s Peru: “A Journey Through Dance.” I was a dance peice about how color and the love of dance really helped her through her journey of immigration. It was very inspiring!
Rainbow September Day 61 001Rainbow September Day 61 002

I don’t know these people, but I let them pose to show how big the leaves are!!
Rainbow September Day 61 007

And here is a random pretty shot of flowers!
Rainbow September Day 61 008

It’s really getting cold, and most of my rainbow clothing is summer wear . ..this is what I have that is rainbow
-Rainbow Dress with pink accents
-Rainbow Jumpsuit(I made)
-Rainbow Silk Halter top from Ricky’s thrift shop on 3rd and 23rd
-Rainbow Smock(goes over EVERYTHING!)
-Rainbow Sundress from Scarlet
-Rainbow Short Shorts
-Rainbow & Black polyester jumpsuit from Indigo
-Rainbow Jumpsuit from Ebay
-Rainbow Bangles from Scarlet
-Rainbow Bag that was my dance bag as a child
-Matching Rainbow crystallized dragonflies by Amber Ray
-Rainbow Fans for dancing
-Rainbow Ball Gown I made
-Rainbow Pasties from Belle Morte Boudelaire
-Rainbow Pasties and G-string from Sequinette
-Rainbow Shirt
-Rainbow bag from Indigo
-Rainbow Scarf from Nasty
-Rainbow hat and gloves from my roommate Sara
-Rainbow gloves from the street
-Rainbow flags from Amber
-Rainbow umbrellas two for performance, one for use
-Rainbow feather things
-Rainbow wig 2
-Rainbow costume

Well, now I’m gonna go remove the rainbow nail polish on my toes and get ready for a whole month of orange!

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2 Responses to RAINBOW SEPTEMBER:DAY 61 “Rainbow Farewell”

  1. jen f says:

    is the rainbow shirt i sent listed in there??! or does it not count cause it’s not all rainbow :(

  2. Neli Silva says:

    Hi Darlinda:
    It is me, Nelida, the dancer you have watched at the Chili Pepper Fest in Bklyn. You have a nice blog and beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing your comments about my dance.

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