ORANGE OCTOBER: Day 66 “Orange Dreams”

October 5, 2007

Scarlet Sinclair told me that Orange is the magic color of opening new doors and success. I also got one comment from a passerby the other day he said, “you are very lucky!” My horoscope said that following my dreams is really important right now, well it always has been! I’m just balancing what it is I need to survive physically(home, exercise, food) and what I need to survive mentally(art, performing, color, creating.) It’s just meaning decisions in my life right now!

I’m looking forward to finding some enlightenment at the Orangeacle Oracle!

I worked today, since this is the first time people have seen me in Orange, I got lots of comments like, “Oh, it must be October!” and “You’re really dressed for fall!” I’m so happy that work is so supportive of what I do!!

Since I am saving money for Europe,I’m saying “no” to all kinds of extra fun things, like movies with friends(thanks for the invite Gabrielle!) Bowling with Roommates, awesome shows “Sensuous Woman,” and just plain ol’ extra fun! But I am getting a lot of sleep, delightful!

I watched “Reno 911 Miami” before you judge I do have to say that the movie is all improv comedy!! So it’s just really brilliant how these people have created their characters . . .I loved it!

My mom gave me this fabric, I’m thinking of making pants out of it?

Orange October Day 66 002

Off to New Jersey tomorrow to go to a warehouse show for one of our Vendors, I’m looking forward to spending some time with my co-workers, learning more about the sex toy industry, and meeting some porn stars!

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