ORANGE OCTOBER:DAY 87 “Orange on a Panel”

October 26, 2007

Yesterday someone said,”nice summer outfit.” Just because I was wearing orange! No one wears any color in this city, it’s so surprising because it’s so gray you would think that people would want the color to lift up their spirits?

What a wonderful day! I didn’t take too many pictures, because I was really preoccupied. (However there was a photographer there taking pictures so I’ll post them when I get them) I went straight to the university which was right across the street from the hotel that I was staying in. They let me rehearse in one of the music practice rooms.

After rehearsals I went up to the theater for my run through. That went well, then I hung out in the dressing room with Empress Stah and Rusella, both awesome performers.

They had to change the running order of the show, because both Empress and I had acts which involved our vagina’s. So they had signs up all over that said if you are under 18 years old you cannot watch this show, because of the explicit nature of the show!

The speech went really well. I was super nervous because I never have spoke on a panel of anything! Also because most of the people were academics with Dr. before their names! I just looked at it as another performance and that made it easy!

The thing about the discussion was that everyone pretty much agreed that burlesque can be a feminist act, that when women use their body to make a statement its feminist. It was still very exciting to be talking about it and to be having the discussion. It’s something that I would like to see happen in the US. Here is my speech, have a read, this is pretty much what you would have heard if you were at the discussion! I had to cut some of it because we only had 5-8 minutes to talk.


And after that we all went to a sort of cheesy bar/restaurant/club like a TGI fridays only a little nicer. It was such a juxtapose with all of the feministy people, and the place was just large enough for all of us, but I think we were the only people in that club that were wearing any color! We had lovely conversation!

Then I rode in the front passenger seat in the cab with some other fine feathered friends to the home of Fancy Chance. Where a man from Belgium, a woman from New Orleans, a man from Sweden, and Fancy Chance a fellow ex pat all had lovely conversation till 3am all in the backdrop of a lovely home in Bethenal Green!

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