RAINBOW NOVEMBER: DAY 120 “Rainbow Children”

November 28, 2007

After a long night I woke up a little late, but fortunately my babysitting was at home for Maceo.
Rainbow November Day 113 001
Sharon and Christopher are looking for preschools so they went to an open house. Maceo is so full of life and exuberance, when we were getting ready to go to the park he asked me if I had any “Sparkly fings” he meant Sparkly things (he’s three.) I gave him a little red sequin bow.

So have you heard about Rainbow Children, I found this web site and they said rainbow children,
“tend to:
have very strong wills and personalities
be very high energy
be very attuned to color and color vibrations around them
have passionate creativity
love bright clothing and colorful environments
bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life
expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need
have healing abilities
have telepathy”

Well I’m not sure about the telepathy, but Maceo sure is fun to hang out with!

I worked and came home on the train, I so didn’t want to take a picture . . .can you tell?
Rainbow November Day 120 (1)

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