RAINBOW NOVEMBER: DAY 121 “Rainbow Sister”

November 29, 2007

I worked today and I found out the full details about my boss who was diagnosed with cancer. It’s horrible, they have to give her a hysterectomy, because the tumor has totally attacked her ovaries, uterus and cervix she’s only 30! She’s terrified, and I don’t blame her. We have Aetna health insurance at work, and it’s actually a really bad company. When she called to see if Aetna covered her at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer hospital, Aetna told her yes! And when she got to Sloan-Kettering they told her that Aetna will often screw with their customers and so they don’t work with them! So now she has to pay out of pocket for her surgery and radiation! Just awful! Her parents drained their entire savings to pay for the surgery, I told her I’d be happy to put on a benefit show, because that’s what I know how to do!

So I was super emotional after work but, I went to rehearse with Alyssa at the Y for our show at Starshine Burlesque. On my way I walked by the opening of a new Museum on Bowery, with a big rainbow sign that says “Hell Yes!” if anyone wants to buy if for me, I’ll take it! Maybe Christopher(my landlord) will let me put it in the back yard?
Hell Yes Rainbow Museum

The show was AMAZING! Yes really spectacular, everyone was on fire! I love when a show is like that, and the audience just gives it to you! It was the Schelp Sisters(me and Minnie Tonka), Bloody Belle the B-Nudie Queen, Lola Van Ola, hosted by Miss Saturn and of course Little Brooklyn and Creamy Stevens.

Lola Van Ola from St. Luis performed and Gigi La Femme did this new orange act, hot stuff! Lola Van Ola sang and did acrobatic, really inspiring!!
Rainbow November Day 121

Here we are all together Gigi, Lola, Darlinda and Minnie Tonka!
Rainbow November Day 121 002

Candy Caramello came to see the show, she said it was like nothing she’d ever seen before and very funny. She even said, we were recreating Burlesque!
Rainbow November Day 121 (2)

My friend Jessie(an awesome dancer and the new choreographer for Nice Jewish Girls Gone bad) and her boyfriend Randy came to see the show, I think it was their first burlesque show! Here are me and Minnie with Jessie. Randy took the picture.They are such sweet people, I think they will be life long friends, you know when you just have that feeling about someone when you meet them?
Rainbow November Day 121 (4)

It was Amber Ray’s Birthday and she came to sell her Flowers they rock, rock,rock, if you want to buy one of the glittery creations you can go to www.amberray.etsy.com Anyway here she is with her first birthday presents, a pair of pasties from me and a painting of Amber by Little Brooklyn awesome!
Rainbow November Day 121 (6)

Then we all went to Around the Clock to eat, Veselka was closed!
Here’s (in no particular order) Amber Ray, Noah, Allison, Maia, Gal, Pat, Norm, Tony and some tiny faces!
Rainbow November Day 121 (8)

And La Maia was wearing a rainbow shirt!!
Rainbow November Day 121 (11)

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