YELLOW DECEMBER: DAY 151 “C’est Yellow Duckie”

December 29, 2007

It was a little hard to get up this morning after a late night and an early rise, work was nuts, very busy. . . shop, shop, shopping! We’re having a sale till the 1st! I wrote about it here and some of my favorite yellow sex toys!!

After work I put on a nice dress and went to the CSV cultural center to see Ce Duckie a British performance peice that is more like a performance art party, just lovely! Gabrielle invited all of her friends to see the show, she does video for PS 122 and brought half the audience just for her and Kat’s birthday!

I really enjoyed the show, because it takes performance art, puts it in a really nice package and makes it short and sweet! Here is a little teaser of C’est Duckie and you can buy tickets here

So I arrive and they sweep us into this lovely space with large tables I sit down with Gabrielle, since it’s her birthday! The Champagne flowed!

Then Allison and Noah arrive!

The way the show works is you get what they call “Duckie dollars” and you can spend them on different acts that come to your table. Well Allison brought her own Duckie Credit Card!
If you click here you can see the photo at it’s original size, it’s worth it because you can see the menu!

Then Nicole and Allison did the traditional birthday face licking, it’s very common on the Lower East Side! Though Allison thought it was my birthday!

Lovely Dean was wearing Yellow!

This Man Joshua Sofaer was fantastic! He read our future in many languages after he had us all put our hands together in a circle!

This woman looked like Legs Malone more than you know and her name was Miss High Leg Kick! Weird and Wonderful!

Here I am eating Crotch Nachos out of Miss High Leg Kick’s crotch!

Here she is legging it up at another table!

Velocity is a Blond so by default she’s yellow!

I was on my way to teach a class at Babeland so I left the show a little early. But just as I left they pulled out the yellow act!

I don’t want to give the show away so there are more pictures without descriptions here!

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