YELLOW DECEMBER: DAY 153 “Last Day of Yellow and New Years Eve!”

December 31, 2007

Sad last day of yellow, I’m gonna miss it! It’s such an introspective color, so bright, so centering, it was what I needed this month. I learned a lot about this color and I’m happy to have given it 31 days of contemplation! I even wore yellow at home, since I wasn’t going out till my New Years Eve show.

I know New Years Eve is about resolutions and new beginnings, it’s funny because I started my new year August 1st, since my birthday is July 31. I guess this is like my midterms, time to contemplate how it’s been for the past 4 months the past 153 days, what has this project been doing for me and other people?

I definitely have inspired people, which is always my goal as an artist, what good is something if there is no inspiration? I’m collaborating, I’m learning what each individual color means to me and to other people. For example people love yellow, but think they can’t wear it! I’m dreaming in color, which was never the case, I’ve always dreamed in emotion. I think mainly this project is a catalyst to get my life on the road, to follow my dreams to make my passion my life work and do what brings me joy every day!

Speaking of collaboration today I created a costume for Animal Crackers because I knew they were performing without me at Superfine, our colors for the act are purple, gold, green and orange!

New Years Eve was a marathon of fun, I was with the people that I love the most. Dr. Lukki, Little Brooklyn, Noah, Nasty Canasta, Jonny Porkpie, Trixie Little, Evil Hate Monkey, Albert Cadabra, Gal Friday and Miss Saturn. What a blast! It was SO crowded at Galapgos that it took 15 minutes to go to the bathroom! There was a line around the block to get in, my buddy Jessie came, waited in line and left, I don’t blame her, I’m not one for lines! We did a couple of acts then we toasted to the new year! The audience had a ton of fun!


So Did we!
Dr Lukki, Me, and the Evil Hate Monkey!

Me and Nasty Canasta!

Lukki and Me!

Noah as Old Man 2007 with Little Brooklyn and Lukki!

Trixie Little and Me!

Gal Friday Go-go dancing!

Gal Friday up close!

Nasty Backstage, dual photo shoots!

Me and Jonny Porkpie!

Brooklyn and Jonny being very serious!

Our, soaking wet, freezing backstage! Lukki, Trixie Little, Hate Monkey and Brooklyn!

Old Man 2007, Jonny and Albert!

Gal Friday and Dr. Lukki

I did a quick “Gay” set, where I did my “Rainbow Connection” act, Brooklyn did her “Richard Simmons” act, Nasty did “Unknown Stripper” and Trixie and Monkey did “Total Eclipse” it was short and sweet and I hope that I can bring that same energy to hosting next time I do, good learning experience!

Leaving backstage was intense, with the whole venue PACKED with drunk people and pounding base, it made me wish that Galapagos had a back door we could have escaped from! I went home and crashed, my aching bones ready for the new year!

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