RAINBOW JANUARY: DAY 183 “Rainbow AM/aka the Wall”

January 29, 2008

I kid you not, I saw the sun rise today, after going to bed at 2am! Yep . . .here’s proof of 7am . . .it’s beautiful innit? A rainbow almost, the closest thing I’ve seen to rainbows in the sky is sun rises and sun sets

I had work at 7:30am so that we could count products to keep track of inventory, I’m not 21 anymore it’s hard for me to function on four and a half hours of sleep, real hard. So I did ok, until about 10:30am and then I started to stare off into space like an idiot. Thank goodness I had the rest of the day off, well basically, I had a vag appointment at 4:30pm, so I didn’t want to go to sleep before my appointment . ..anyway I felt screwy and looked screwy! I watched The Wall . ..intense . . .I definitely hit the wall yesterday!

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2 Responses to RAINBOW JANUARY: DAY 183 “Rainbow AM/aka the Wall”

  1. You watched The Wall! That’s one of my most favorite movie from when I was a teen. I watched that one a million times when I was young, so much that I have all the errors memorized. I watched it again when I was an adult (well, I’m not ACTUALLY an adult, but adult in theory) it was soooo different. I can’t even remember why it seemed so different but do remember it was.

  2. jen f says:

    hello cheekbones! ;)

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