RAINBOW JANUARY: DAY 184 “Rainbow, Schmainbow”

January 30, 2008

Huh, why did I choose to do this project? It’s so affecting my dreams! Last night I dreampt that my friend Rebecca Weinberger and I were going on a road trip to my home town Mendocino. We were in a rush, but I had to drop by my house to get some things, I actually repacked my bag. I was kidding myself and telling everyone that I had “packed light” when I had a large duffel, my rolling suitcase and my computer bag. So I quickly unpacked my rolling suitcase, because I realized I had only packed things I couldn’t wear, like black shirts and brown things, and packed my bag full of rainbow clothes.

I didn’t remember everything, but I did go to Mendocino(my home town) in my dream, but somehow we( a troupe, a family, where did Rebecca go?) were in this really small hotel and after we got settled(why I didn’t stay at my mom’s house is beyond me, well it’s a dream you know!) Anyway after we got settled I was hungry so I went to get a ceasar salad from this restaurant I used to bus tables at in high school, they were in between lunch and dinner, and I was HUNGRY but they said they were only doing cold food, I thought “good, like salad” I ended up in a weird tiff with the hostess because she didn’t beleive I was going to pay for the food( I was getting it to-go) when I asked for some bread . . .weird I’ve been in New York so long that even my dreams have bad customer service!

Why a blog? Why every day? Why rainbows? These are questions I get a lot . . . I respond

It’s about the process.

It’s a journey.

I’ve always been obsessed with rainbows.

Why not?

Lori(my current house guest) grew up in Hawaii “The Rainbow State”, my dad is there right now. Hopefully he’ll send me a picture of a rainbow. Maybe I should go to Hawaii this year? Anyway Lori grew up there and always wished upon rainbows and one time she wished upon a rainbow and won $25 from a lottery ticket. So rainbows are like her version of a lucky star!

My new answer to “Why the year in rainbow.” will be”Because it’s lucky!”
Oh, yeah, I have a cold, yuck!

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  1. jen f says:

    lookin fwd to checking out some of the green outfits!!

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