RAINBOW JANUARY: DAY 185 “RainMoSex and Team Spirit Animal Rehearsals!”

January 31, 2008

After work today I put on some lashes, my “evening”Rainbow Jumpsuit and met Lori at the 6 train at Canal Street and we went to the Museum of Sex opening of Sex in Design and Design and Sex. What a fascinating exhibit, there were lots of toys that I was familiar with that we carry at Babeland like the Nea, the Mini Heartbreaker, the njoy toys, and the flexi felix.
My favorite was the rainbow merkin!
Rainbow Merkin at MoSex
A merkin is a crotch wig that can be used for pubic decoration, apparently it was for sex workers when syphilis was really rampant and they had to shave their pubic hair and needed something to cover up the rashes from the syphilis. But now it’s just a fun thing you’ll often see a burlesque performer wearing one!
Like me, here in this photo at my Big Burlesque Rainbow Show by Kevin L. Muth!

Anyway it was a lovely engagement I saw lots of people I knew and I even met some new friends, like Nicole wearing this black dress with rainbow sparkles on it!
Nicole at MoSex

And Amanda (New Friend), Molly Crabapple, and Miss Understood all lovely folks that I adore! This photo is by Lucien Samaha more of his awesome pics can be found at www.mondolucien.net
Amanda Molly Darlinda and Miss Understood at Mo Sex by Lucien Samaha
Just a lovely colorful bunch of people!

After Mosex I hopped on the train and went to Williamsburg for rehearsals for the Team Spirit Animal Show at the Trapeze Loft. Tanya Gagne really put together a great group of people! I can’t wait for the show tomorrow! And what a way to end this month of Rainbow!
Darlinda at Mosex by Lucien  Samaha

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