GREEN FEBRUARY: DAY 212 “Green Heart?”

February 27, 2008

You know I expected green to be as dramatic as yellow in the chakra sense(the heart chakra), but I haven’t had any hugely green heart related events. Well except that I made the decision to drop my saturday at work so that I can “follow my heart” by teaching and gigging out with my open Saturdays!

So that’s exciting, and also my new green act is definately heart felt.
Green from Darren 25
Oh I got back some pictures from the GREEN WITH ENVY BURLESQUE SHOW from Darren Meyham.Oh, and also some new pictures from Garo Sparo’s Fashion show!

This one I took at home today.


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One Response to GREEN FEBRUARY: DAY 212 “Green Heart?”

  1. jen says:

    hooray rainbow march!

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