GREEN FEBRUARY: DAY 214 “Green Goodbye”

February 28, 2008

The day started out FABULOUS! I went for my first fitting at Garo Sparo’s studio for my new act that I’m doing to the Rolling Stones “She’s a Rainbow,” The costume is AMAZING, all I can say is WOW!

On my way saw this man walking backwards down the street with a log on his back, hmm? Was he working out? Is this “green” exercise, did he use salvaged redwoods? I took this shot from the bus so it’s a little blurry!

Starshine Burlesque said goodbye to Riffifi today as they are closing in a month or two. A sad world, but they are onto more fabulousness and a bigger venue at The Fortune Cookie Cabaret! And what an inspiring show! My dearest and nearest were performing Tigger!(did a awesome act to a Betty Davis song), Jo Boobs(did my favorite version of her red act to Lucrecia McEvil), Julie Atlas Muz(did a reverse strip to Another one bite the dust and literally left the building), Delirium Tremmens(did a gorgeous classic burlesque act all in gold) , Kiss-tastic go-go from Scarlet Sinclair, and of course Little Brooklyn(did a “me and my shadow” act with Noa D’ Klien to a French song called fittingly Riffifi) and Creamy Stevens(did a striptease to So long, farewell from the sound of music!)

I had a lovely time getting ready and eating dinner with Scarlet before hand, and then risking the cold to join the cast across town. We had spinach(green!) and fish tacos that had a green sauce over them!

There was lots of loveliness backstage as well as lots of green!

Here’s Scarlet in her new Kiss outfit, with Green Glittered(by the artistic brilliance of Little Brooklyn) money in her d├ęcolletage!

Here’s Misty Rivers with Delirium Tremmens and Tigger(with his green ipod)in the background!

Tigger! applies glitter in all the right places!

Jo Boobs and Delirium Tremmens side by side putting on their face! If you look closely you can see the shadow of my fingers on the wall and the green of my costume in the background!

Here I am performing!
darlinda green

And here I am at home trying to get a good shot of the earrings and necklace my mom made me as well as my make up.
And my favorite wool dress from the London thrift store where Fancy Chance works!

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