GREEN FEBRUARY: DAY 215 “Leap of Green”

February 29, 2008

A Leap year, what was I doing four years ago? Well that was back when I had a hotmail account, worked at starbucks(green branding), lived on the upper west side, and had been doing burlesque for a year. This year, inspired as can be, inspiration coming out of my pores, inspiration on every corner, namely in the form of humans, take today for example any old leap year, just any day the last day of green. Who do I see very first thing when I get off work? Julie Atlas Muz on her bike, zooming through traffic, in many colors, in rainbow I’d say, who was I chatting with on the phone? Pinkie Special! With her green Skirt on

We went to see Jeffery Marsh who as you know I had seen on the train yesterday, when he and his beau Brad had invited me. Lovely and inspiring, I KNEW he would be, you know just a hunch, I mean when you meet a fellow in make-up on the J train at 10pm on a Thursday, you are bound to be friends for a long time, just pure intuition! So Jeffery and Rick played, then Pearl and the Beard, and then I approached Dan Fishback when really I wanted to know what he was eating(Yummy food at SideWalk!), and he played lovely music, some of which I had to leave in the middle of in order to make the best of my night and get some sleep before I catch a cold. I rarely make it to music shows so this was a TREAT!

So I chat with Miss Saturn on the phone and who do I see but the one and only Genesis P-Orridge wearing this exact lovely green sweatshirt, I wanted to stop and say hello but she was on the phone.
Genesis P orridge Big
And before you new it I was on the train platform wishing I had stopped to say hello, but deciding to take a picture of how happy I was to have seen her in a lovely green jacket as the last image before the end of my green month.

Well who walks up to the same platform as me? Genesis herself, I have only learned a few things about her, that she and her love were making themselves up to “be one” and that meant Genesis had to undergo massive re constructive surgery to look like Breyer P-Orridge. And recently in October Genesis lost Breyer, their journey is inspiring and I have much to learn about them. So I saw Genesis and went up to her to say hello, and tell her how meaningful it was for her to be wearing that green coat, on this last day of Green February! She seemed inspired and we cuddled up in a car to chat about color and art and gender. She said there was a study in England that stated there were higher rates of suicide in mental institutions that were painted green, maybe it was the shade of green? She also encouraged me to question who made up that certain colors mean certain things, I think one person decided that a color meant something for them, and spread the gospel, like me and my year in rainbow, why is February green, well it just works with MY birthday, so what if the whole world took on February as green month and started associating it with Valentines day or February day whatever the holiday, it wouldn’t really mean anything just that I decided it was a green month.
Then it was time for me to get off at my stop . . .ah such inspiration I tell you, I almost missed my stop I was so drawn into her.

So inspired I came home and figured I didn’t have enough green photos even though I took a bunch earlier . . .

So I took all of the green stuff people had lent me and that I had bought or previously owned and put it all on my love seat . . .and got camera happy. Photographed here is, a green hoop Pinkie let me borrow, green fabric from Alicia’s moving left overs, green dress from London, green fancy prom dress from Christopher Hardwicks sister, multi green scarf from thrift store, green scarf my mom knitted, green skirt my mom made, green hat from Nasty, green stockings from Nasty, green necklace my mom made, green earings my mom made, green g-string I made, pasties I made, green headband from dollar store, two green shirts lent by Lukki, green shirt lent by JR, green nail polish, long johns and belt from Shelly, green jumpsuit lent by Julie, green vest from thrift store, green shirts from Broadway cheap-o-store, green pants from Savers in Providence Road Island, green shoes from Rainbow, green sweater from cousin Yoyis, green hoodie from Fancy Chance, green I heart NY shirt from Chinatown stall, and the green heart earmuffs from a dollar store.

Also a green shirt from Heidi that I haven’t seen yet!
Green shirt from Heidi with Heidi

This is one of my favorite gifts! This painting of me art modeling at the Society of Illustrators on February 21, such a great day and a great painting by Arkady Roytman from his blog Nude of the Day
Darlinda by Arkady Roytman

It’s been a great month, I have to say I have never been into green, and now I LOVE it, here’s to more green in life!Here I am on top of it all! I like the yellow bag peeking out in front of me and the rainbow fans behind me, as if December(Yellow) and March(Rainbow) are framing me as if the future and past are with me!
Here’s the pile!

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2 Responses to GREEN FEBRUARY: DAY 215 “Leap of Green”

  1. Heidi Von Haught says:

    Sigh. Well I’m sad my green shirt didn’t get to you by the end of the green month. Maybe one of those rainbow days you can piecemeal a rainbow outfit together from items of various colors. I thought this shirt was perfect to you because it said to me “grew up on a commune in NorCal.” But my friend thought ChiChis Mexican food. Whichever.

  2. Darlinda, thanks so much for the kind words and for linking to my site.

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