RAINBOW MARCH: DAY 240 “Rainbow Rodeo”

March 25, 2008
I did a bunch of errands and computer work, then LOADS of laundry, it was two trips to the laundry mat! Took me three hours! After that I went to the west village to have tea with Lazlo Pearlman he’s a trans man doing amazing performance art who I met at the Feminist Neo-Burlesque Symposium in London. He’s in DC this weekend, check him out at the Palace of Wonders!

After tea with Lazlo I went to art model with Amber Ray at the Society of Illustrators. After that I went to the Rodeo Bar for good food and refreshing burlesque with Wanted! Wild Bandits of Burlesque with Bradford Scobie, Chris McDaniel, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, and Dr Lukki for some hilarious burlesque. It was refreshing, it was a new venue, a new audience, and lovely springtime energy!

Here’s Pinkie Special and I in the audience.
pinkie and djd march 25

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