RAINBOW MARCH: Day 244 “Rainbow Sketchy’s

March 29, 2008
The day started with this wonderful cheese that I used to eat in Mexico, but found it at my local grocery(Great post about the store at the Bed-Stuy Banana Blog)
Well as you can see this cheese is even more appealing with the rainbow on it! It’s this wonderful string cheese that is in a huge ball, yum!
I rode my bike to the tiny bar Nurse Betty for an interview with Michael Foltz and then rode back and got dolled up for Dr Sketchy’s which I haven’t done since since the summer of 2006. What fun!
Here I am in 2006 with Molly Crabapple, there were TONS of pics shot at Dr Skechy’s, I haven’t received any yet, but when I do I’ll update the site!
Me n Molly!

Then Nadege aka Miss Purple of Kisses Cause Trouble met me at Lucky Cat for some great conversations about burlesque and performance art, she again took some pictures, but I don’t have them. It’s wonderful to make new friends, especially international ones! You can see their short video on you tube by going to this link.

Anyway we went to this weird outback steak house type-Bavarian-beer-hall with waitresses in bad Bavarian costumes. Funny what’s popping up in Williamsburg. For the most part it was fun, but I think we were the only people wearing any color!

Here I am at home! Much happier and inspired than I actually look!

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  1. jen says:

    rainbow cheese!

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