BLUE APRIL: DAY 263 “Blue Mirrors”

April 17, 2008

I came to work early today, again a gorgeous day! I love spring! After work I tabled an event that was a benefit for Callen-Lorde called Spring Fever – Healthy, Sexy Women’s Event. It was great to participate in a fantastic fund raiser! The funny thing about this event was that my table was in this room full of mirrors. The room was part of an installation called Because of Him by Mcdermott and Mcgough at the Cheim Read gallery. I was alone in the room for about an hour, sitting there, just sort of staring at myself. Reminded me of my “Day in Rainbow” installation.
McDermott & McGough Because of Him cheim read gallery
and I got this picture below.
blue april 17 2008

After working at the gallery, I went to help Bunny Love with her show, it was hilarious, she had “Little Bunny Love” host, hilarious I tell you! 3d Bob took this funny shot!

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