BLUE APRIL: DAY 274 “Blue guests!Blue Barc!”

April 28, 2008
The first day I have spent at home in a while, it was relaxing, and I did wear all blue(ok just blue jeans and a blue shirt, but still blue.) This month went by so fast, I was trying to remember the last day I had off(no rehearsals, nothing, nada) it’s been a LONG time. So today I cleaned my room and prepared for my house guest Veronica aka Fancy Chance! I’m super excited to have her, she’s a lovely gal and a ball of fun! She’s also got a wonderful blog, and incidentally she’s wearing blue in the front page! She played a wonderful hostess when I went to London in October. More info about the October trip here.Here she is in October in front of her blue door, we were coming home after quite the night on the town! (She gave me permission to post this picture , gotta love her the Burlesque Terrorist!)


When she arrived, we hung around the house, mellow, it rained all day, very typical for April, it just had to wait for the last days of April to rain. This month has gone by so fast, I feel as if I didn’t really get a feel for the color as far as wearing the color, maybe it was the jeans, as much as I love wearing them, its typical for the “American Woman” to wear a blue shirt with blue jeans, not at all strange, not at all out of the ordinary, the only comments I ever got were when I wore my blue jump suit and that’s only because no one (except my friends) wear polyester jumpsuits anymore!

We ate food and got ready for World Famous *BOB*’s benefit for the BARC! Animal Shelter What an amazing show! The line up was fantastic! Little Brooklyn, Tigger!, Bunny Love, Dirty Martini, Bambi the Mermaid(who did an act with her dog Willow, that made me cry tears of joy, you see Bambi has a merdog, such a cute one at that.)Fancy Chance of course, Kit Kat, Creamy Stevens, Erin Markey, and the Animal Crackers. Such a great show and of course it takes an out of towner to realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing group of performers surrounding me at every turn. Here is Pinkie Special, Dirty Martini, Fancy Chance and me all in Blue!

Pinkie, Dirty, Fancy and Darlinda all in Blue!

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