BLUE APRIL: DAY 275 “Blue day off!(Finally)”

April 29, 2008

Today was a REAL day off(ok I did a little email, and some phone calls!) Fancy and I booked a massage with my friend Emily at her lovely studio, Seeing Through Hands Yoga and Massage Studio, Emily is amazing, she really does “see through her hands”, it’s almost as if you don’t have to tell her where you sore spots are! If you ever need a massage, I HIGHLY recommend her! While Fancy got her massage, I went upstairs to visit my friend Hannah, who is moving Harlem, it was nice having two friends in one building! Then we went for some lovely vegetarian food , grocery shopping and a tiny nap. And back to the city for delicious Sushi and the Buffon Glass Menaegerie, though Fancy’s jet lag hit the moment we got to the theater, but it was OK because Pinkie showed up just in time to take her ticket! What a great show, the ticket was even blue! I reserved it under Darlinda just Darlinda and the guy in the ticket booth asked what my last name was and I said, “Just Darlinda”, he didn’t get it, looked again and found it! I think I’ll keep this name, it’s still funny to me . . . DSCF3416

Here I am at home in a blue coat I’ve forgotten to wear!

Tomorrow is the last day of blue, how time flies!

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  1. I can’t believe it’s the last day of blue! It seams like just yesterday Blue started. Seattle weather has been crazy lately. They had rain, snow, hail and sun all in one day. My mom asked me “when it snows and the sun is out, how come there’s not a snowbow?” I thought maybe you would know the answer to that one.

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