RAINBOW MAY: DAY 307 “Long Rainbow Day, long, and I mean long!”

May 30, 2008

I went to work at the new Babeland Brooklyn store today early 9am, and had a lovely lunch with my co-workers, went back was really dirty from the dust(still in construction!) Then they had to refinish the floors so I rode over the Manhatten Bridge to help out at the store in Soho. Then I rode back to Brooklyn for a lovely rehearsal with Minnie Tonka for Blue Suede Jews. Then I rode home, and on my way I saw Lady Coco Lareau walk through the cross walk right by my house and she yelled “Darlinda” so I turned around and it was her! I love having awesome neighbors!

When I was arriving at my house, a group of teenage girls were sitting at the stoop of the apartment next door.

They said,”nice rainbows, are you gay?”

I said,”Does that matter? I wish everyone could wear rainbow and it wouldn’t mean anything.”

They said,”Yes.”

So I told them about my sexual preferences and they said,”oh you’re bisexual!”

I said,”I don’t like labels, but I guess that’s what you would call me!” One of the gals gave me a hi-five! I gave them a flier they didn’t seem interested, to hear about my project they just kept giggling about something else! I love my neighborhood,more and more!

Then I went to the Slipper Room to perform with Legs Malone(pictured), Clams Casino, Pinkie Special, Mel Frye and Jezebel Express. I was exhausted when I got there, ready for a nap, but the dancing and the company I kept, was definitely energizing!

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