RAINBOW JULY: DAY 365 “Rainbow leap year!”

July 30, 2008

Ah, this year is almost over, tomorrow is the last day, it feels almost anticlimactic. This year brought so much to the table, it brought community, color awareness, abundance, yes it was full of abundance, how fortunate am I!

Today we were toasting to the year with all the gals on the trip at Rachel’s house and Mama Lou asked me what I’ve gotten out of the whole year in rainbow, I feel as if these last pages should sum it up. Color makes people happy, energized, enthusiastic. I’ve collaborated with most of the people I’ve wanted to collaborate with. People around me are thinking about color, complete strangers are recognizing color just by looking at me.I’m dancing, I’m doing projects I never thought I’d do! I wrote so many blog pages, and there is a big show to feature the whole year, though minutes can’t capture or sum up my 27th year, yes tomorrow I turn 28 and it’s the last day in the year in rainbow. Man how does one sum up a year, to quote not my favorite of musical Rent,” how do you measure a year?” I guess it’s difficult, how do you measure a rainbow, they are abundant and large, and untouchable and everywhere!

I went to Huck’s briss, he’s my new second cousin 8 days old!. That is intense! Though the ceremony was beautiful, I do appreciate Judiasm because of it’s acknowledgments of coming of age, Briss’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and I even appreciate the yortsite ceremonies. I think that’s why the year in rainbow has been wonderful for me, it’s almost been a ceremony, a routine that is daily that means something to me. Color is spiritual for me.

Allison took pictures while I was hanging out with my Aunt and Uncle.
rainbow park pic from Allison

And here we are at Rachel’s!

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