July 31, 2008
Today is the last day of the Year in Rainbow, what does this mean for me? I will continue to live my life and be surrounded by color and love. That’s what I seek, a life full of color. It will be freeing to wear whatever I want to, it will be lovely to not record myself every day, to just enjoy life with out documentation, and I feel a sense of completion having done this project. I invite you to join me on August 23 for a celebration of the Year in Rainbow Finale!

Today is my birthday, the 28th one. I get to sleep in, and there are birthday texts from lots of lovely friends, and phone calls from family. Lindsay came to meet us, and she and Allison decided to wear rainbow in celebration of the last day.

We’re seeing rainbows all over Seattle!

Allison and I helped Lindsay move, her new place is lovely with Apple and Fig trees galore! Here we are enjoying the fruit of the land!

We climbed the fig tree

Then we played with a Dandelion, when I was a small child I had Menke’s Kinky Hair Sydrome, and my hair looked like a dandelion. I’ve always had a connection with Dandelions for that reason. My mother told me that I had this disease but it sounded fake, but when I was visiting last week she told me about it and Allison looked it up and it turns out it’s fatal in males but not in females(here’s me at 28 alive.) Here’s my grandma, mom and me at age 4 or 5.
Female Baby with Menke Kinky Sydrome and Grandma and mom
And here I am with a dandelion

Then we went to Agua Verde for delicious Mexican food, and wonderful kayaking

Then the day got a little funny, I thought I had lost the keys to both Lindsay’s car and Rachel’s house when in fact Lindsay had the keys. There was a good 45 minutes of freak out, and we called our gig to tell them that we were probably going to be running late, and they thought that we were booked next week. So it was a bit of an ordeal! Fortunately Jenny came to our rescue and picked us up in her colorful car! Rainbow sticker and all!

And the day ended with the act that I do to “Look to the Rainbow” by Astrud Gilberto. It’s been a wonderful year! I’m sad that it is over, but happy to announce the Year in Rainbow Finale for a living breathing show that will bring the best of this blog to LIFE! It’s 10pm at the Zipper Factory on Saturday August 23rd, 2008!

Love and Color!

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