Year in Dance Day 175: Cosmic Connection Burlesque Silencio Mulholland Drive

Hey everyone, this week ends with “deep thoughts” about the nature of Burlesque dance technique. I’m thinking a ton about the information I’m learning from Rosangela Silvestre – not only about dance technique itself, but about the symbology, cosmology, and significance of the movements. Also, about the nature of “classic” dance, and dance taught in classes. It’s making me consider what IT IS that folks like Jo Boobs, Michelle l’Amour, and I are doing when we teach Burlesque. With love from Brazil….

Oh, Indigo, we can go so deep with this one. Yesterday I taught “How to Love your Audience” again(for those of you who don’t know I taught the same class at BurlyCon in the fall of 2010.) When I teach this class I say Burlesque dancers are the stand up comedians of dance. Mainly because we rely on the audience and they rely on us. The 4th wall is gone, sure we can create narratives within burlesque, but still the act of strip tease requires the audience to feel “teased” and to feel loved. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but perhaps that connection with the audience is what makes the burlesque moves classic, significant, cosmic? The Audience’s need to be held captive/loved/teased? Anyway I love how we take this fun form of entertainment and dig deep.

Today I decided to dance in silence/silencio. I was staying at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas, it was so quite and it felt like a scene from David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, it was so quite at night, so I danced in Silence thinking “Silencio No Hay Banda”

The Scene from Mulholland Drive

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