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Darlinda Just Darlinda presents
August 1, 2010- July 31, 2011
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“We should consider everyday lost in which we do not dance” Neitzsche
Could you do it? Could you dance everyday? What would happen if you did? Could the simple act of moving to music change your daily life? Performance artist Darlinda Just Darlinda is ready, willing, and able to find out and share with you what it means to dance everyday with her very own YEAR IN DANCE.

From August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011, Darlinda will discover what it is to truly give her self over to the joy of movement. For the duration of the project Darlinda will be posting a daily 2-5 minute video blog of her dance explorations at the projects home base, Each month Darlinda will collaborate with various visual and performing artists on new multi-media dance pieces and performances that celebrate and showcase this ambitious project.

YEAR IN DANCE is Darlinda’s second foray into the “living art” milieu and is the conceptual follow up to her YEAR IN RAINBOW. During YEAR IN RAINBOW Darlinda dedicated every other month to the individual colors of the rainbow and used the months in between to explore its entire spectrum. Saturating her life, work, consciousness and wardrobe in each month’s chosen shade, she allowed something as simple as color to have a wonderfully dramatic effect on her. With YEAR IN DANCE she continues her practice of blending of art and daily life.

Collaborators joining Darlinda over the course of her YEAR IN DANCE include; The Maine Attraction, Miss Indigo Blue, Little Brooklyn, World Famous *BOB*, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Viva DeConini, Deity Delgado, Nasty Canasta, Bunny Love, Dr. Lucky, Kellita Maloof, Dirty Martini, Bambi The Mermaid, Gabrielle Penebaz, Kenny Scharf, Eric Schmalenberger, Pinkie Special, Minnie Tonka, Tigger!, Susan VanderMellen, Jo Weldon, Zhenesse and MORE!

At the end of the year all of the collaborators will join together for a live grand finale that integrates the pieces created and the blog entries to celebrate Darlinda Just Darlinda’s YEAR IN DANCE. So get ready to join in the fun and don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes!!!!

Darlinda Just Darlinda has been working as a Burlesque Performer in New York since 2003. She coined the term “Polyester Performance”, an inspiring mixture of Burlesque, Modern Dance, Performance Art, Psychedelic Happening, Comedy Sketch, and Drag Queen Ballet. She holds a degree in Teledramatic Arts and Technology from California State University, Monterey Bay. In this program Darlinda was given the tools to integrate many art forms, theater, Film, Video, New Media, and Radio. Focusing on live performance she’s produced many Burlesque events in New York City and California. She debuted “I love Dr. Nina Simone” at Galapagos Art Space in August of 2005. This show integrated modern dance, burlesque and performance art in a loving tribute to Nina Simone. She has continued to produce shows in New York City, like the performances associated with “The Year in Rainbow.” For more information about the Year in Rainbow please visit In February 2007 Darlinda was honored to perform with Julie Atlas Muz at PS122 Divine Comedy of an Exquisite Corpse. In October of 2007 Darlinda participated in the Feminist Neo-Burlesque Symposium at The Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London.In October 2009 Darlinda participated in Taylor Mac’s The Lily’s Revenge as The Bride Love. Darlinda Just Darlinda is a current faculty member at the New York School of Burlesque. She is also the proud winner of the Liz Renay look-a-like contest and the recipient of the 2009 Golden Pastie Award for Most Innovative and Creative!

The Village Voice calls Darlinda a “Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza.”

USA Today says “It’s hard to top Darlinda”

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